Dallas TX News Headlines Hot Off The Press

The big news is always brewing in Dallas. The city is so large that the major news stations also report statewide and national news consistently. You want to stay up with the local news though, and let’s see what’s happening in Dallas today. There are quite a few headlines for sure.

There was a DWI crash, and an off duty officer was struck in the process. Updated news reports are continuing to be released about the boy that was killed in Bexar County in an officer involved shooting. In other news and on a lighter note, there is a report about some trees along the road being decorated. I bet that looks really nice.

A Christmas shopping report talks about how people in Dallas are having to finish their Christmas shopping in the cold and in the rain. For some parts of the country, that might not seem like such a big deal, but Texans are often enjoying a sunny Christmas. As a matter of fact, I’m visiting family in south Texas right now, and it is sunny here and not cold.

Of course, Dallas is in North Texas, so the weather up there is a little different right now. Do you remember the East Oak Cliff Donut Shop murder? There is a news report talking about how it has been eight years, and there are still no tips leading police to a suspect.

There is also a story about free Christmas trees being given away today at a certain location. It’s nice that they make them available to families that aren’t able to get their own trees. Also, in other news police are looking for a woman that is wanted for killing a 19 year old. That’s the top news reports for today from Dallas, so you are up to date.

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