Cool teen bedroom idea for your Uptown Dallas apartments

Uptown Dallas apartments are being increased purchased for various benefits. There are various options from studio to lavish duplex apartments which are ready to move in by different developers. Decorating these apartments is very interesting. However, many parents are finding it challenging to design their teens bedroom. This guide here will help you understand your teen’s mentality and help you design according to their likings.

For a teen, their bedroom is not only a place to relax but a place where his/her ideas unleash. It is a place where they feel free and where they have their set of rules with no restrictions. Teenagers are up-to-date with all designs and trend. But the difficulty is they are stuck in between two ages- childhood and adolescence. They do not want to give up their coveted toys neither do they want their bedrooms to look childish.

Multi-faceted room

Your teen’s bedroom is more than only the bed with wardrobes. It is his study area along with a hangout space with his friends. So you have to be wise enough to accommodate a living area, study rooms and a bedroom in a single room.  If there is a space crash using the bed area for rest as well as the lounge is recommended. Work on the nooks and corners for a spacious look.

Adding texture to the room

The teen is most comfortable in his room. He feels safe as he is alone. Make his stay in the room worthwhile by adding a touchy feeling. Plush bedding, comforting soft cushions, faux rugs makes the room feel great. Velvet-feel wallpapers are recommended for the walls.


A teenager is always disorganized. Things will never be in their right places. Messy rooms are their favorite. Teenager’s rooms are filled with books and clothes along with their favorite items like their cricket set or their teddies. Having a good storage system in your Uptown Dallas apartments is a must in their rooms. Dressers, shelves, wardrobes and using walls and under the furniture space is a must for stacking up all things.

Lights and mirrors

The lighting system has a great contribution to the look of the room. And when it is your teen’s room it does affect his mood too. Having the perfect lights in the rooms is also desired. For smaller rooms, mirrors play a dramatic role. The mirror itself is crucial part as teenagers are a self-obsesses.

Combining system, functions, and your teen’s personality while designing their rooms will make life easier for both parent and their children.